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Abandoned Pet Rescue: Lady Di

The Brady Hunter Foundation is thrilled to share our partnership with Abandoned Pet Rescue, where we are stepping up to sponsor the essential care, treatment, and medical expenses for beautiful souls like Lady Di.


Lady Di is a 3-month-old shepherd mix who found herself in the most heartbreaking circumstances. She was surrendered to Abandoned Pet Rescue with a shattered leg, and the story behind her arrival is shrouded in mystery. All we know is that a kind-hearted individual found her in their backyard and brought her in, providing no further information.


Lady Di is receiving top-notch care at Broward Veterinary Specialists, where their dedicated team is working to mend her broken bones. It is a lifeline for her, as without it, she would have faced the possibility of losing her leg.


In the face of challenges and limited shelter space, Abandoned Pet Rescue refused to give up on Lady Di, and we’re standing right alongside them, unwavering in our commitment to provide her with all the love and care she deserves.


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