Brady Hunter Foundation

Animal Projects

Our beloved animal friends sometimes face the worst tribulations imaginable, but 
with an established medical fund, some TLC and a lot of dedication, we help 
many of them recover from unexpected injuries, abuse, or neglectful situations 
and find loving homes where they can live out their lives with joy.

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This poor girl needed care after being hit by a car, but upon
discovery of mammory tumors, more work needed to be
done. Our actions helped cover the cost of her surgery and
care, allowing this little fighter to give life another try.
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This adorable fellow survived multiple stab wounds and 
pulled through like a champ, after a lot of struggling. We 
pooled our efforts together to make sure this big softy 
moved forward, and found his forever home.

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We worked with @iHeartAnimalRescue to locate and care for
a poor pooch named Panda, who was suffering from broken
legs and neglect. After receiving funding for surgery and
care, Panda is now waiting for her permanent forever home.
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Doodle Baby

After contracting the deadly virus Parvo, four pups were 
hanging on for dear life. Unfortunately, one didn’t make it, 
but thanks to collaborative efforts with @iHeartAnimalRescue,
we were able to save the other three, and find them homes.

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Ellie Belly

Gentle Ellie Belly was used as a bait dog to train fighting 
dogs, which was shown clearly by her many serious wounds 
and edema. We worked with @iHeartAnimalRescue to fix her 
up, and move her into a happier chapter of her life.

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Poor Louie escaped an abusive environment while suffering 
from double heart failure and emaciation. Together with
@iHeartAnimalRescue, we helped raise money for his 
surgery, then later located and rescued his sister Pebbles.

Want to Help?

Being a Brady Hunter Foundation volunteer brings happiness 
that money simple cannot buy.

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