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Biscayne Bay Coalition

The Brady Hunter Foundation was thrilled to partner with the Biscayne Bay Marine Health Coalition for the Biscayne Bay Marine Health Summit! As sponsors, we were honored to join in powerful discussions on ocean conservation and the sustainable future of marine environments. We explored innovative strategies for addressing challenges facing Biscayne Bay and surrounding ecosystems, from pollution reduction to habitat restoration. By fostering collaboration among scientists, policymakers, activists, and communities, we made meaningful strides toward preserving marine health.


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Free Animal Doctor

The Brady Hunter Foundation is proud to collaborate with Free Animal Doctor. Recently, our founder, Josh Fox, along with dedicated supporters, had the pleasure of participating in a hike in Runyon Canyon.

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The Dian Fossey Fund

BHF is proud to partner with the Dian Fossey Fund to sponsor the ‘Gorilla Protection Team and Vehicle Purchase’.

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