Brady Hunter Foundation

"The most impressive thing about the Brady Hunter Foundation is its responsiveness, its immediate willingness to help in any situation."

David Barrit Executive Director of Network for Animals

"They support the people that are really doing the work, making a difference in the lives of animals and children."

Blair Barone CEO of The Lucky Horse Sanctuary

"The Brady Hunter Foundation are super integral. They are always willing to be involved in the process, and that's the kind of partner that we really love and appreciate."

Jossie Aguirre Executive Director of Humane Society of Greater Miami

"That kind of caring, that kind of passion, that kind of warmth, that's exactly what Brady Hunter Foundation is about."

Paco Velez President & CEO of Feeding South Florida

"Without the Brady Hunter Foundation, organizations in the community wouldn't be able to do the lifesaving work that we do."

Kara Starzyl Shelter Manager of Abandoned Pet Rescue

"The Brady Hunter Foundation cares so deeply about the community, and are committed to giving back, and especially to giving back loudly."

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey CEO of the Miami Foundation

"The Brady Hunter Foundation has been incredibly generous to our organization, and a number of other organizations in helping them fulfill their mission."

Dave Doebler Cofounder of

"It's very helpful to us have a foundation who cares so much, and gives."

Chris Boykin CEO of Pelican Harbor SeaBird Station

"Its like Gandhi said - be the change you want to see in the world. They are the change."

Blair Barone CEO of The Lucky Horse Sanctuary
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