Brady Hunter Foundation

"We receive almost a hundred thousand phone calls a year for rescue and help with animals from all over the state and then bring it back here to our hospital. Brady Hunter Foundation donated $118,000 towards the new ambulance, and the salary for a rescue ambulance driver for one year."

Allessandra Medri CEO of South Florida Wildlife Center

"During the International Coastal Cleanup in September, the Brady Hunter Foundation was one of the primary sponsors, and then they also pledged 50 cents per pound of every trash removed to Pelican Harbor Searbird Station. We released a pelican with the mayor that morning and they were so generous and contributed over $11,000 to our mission."

Chris Boykin CEO of Pelican Harbor SeaBird Station

"The Brady Hunter Foundation has been instrumental in supporting our Ripped Valley Mobile Vet Unit, taking care of, and servicing any wildlife that needs help from the area of Rip Valley in the western part of Kenya. The Brady Hunter Foundation started partnering with us, and since then, we've been able to save the lives of 44 animals, including elephant, lion, hippo and many other antelope species, because they have supported our mobile vet team that works in that field."

Melissa Sciacca Executive Director of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust USA

"The drone purchase was monumental for our organization. I can't tell you enough how it supports our wildlife protection efforts, and not just about keeping the animals safe, but also our veterans."

Ryan Tate Founder & President of VetPaw

"We have been working for more than 56 years to save mountain gorillas. Through your support, we have been able to provide two more tracking teams to do our critical conservation work on the ground, as well as the vehicle to transport them to the locations they need to be to do their work."

Tara Stoinski CEO Dian Fossey Fund

"When we told them about donkeys in Tanzania and rural marketings without food or water, they responded immediately and because of them, we were able to build shelters and provide water trusts for the donkeys. When we told the Brady Hunter Foundation that 174 donkeys were in urgent need of relocation, those donkeys now have the funds to be able to move to a haven where the'll be able to live long and happy lives."

David Barrit Executive Director of Network for Animals
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