Brady Hunter Foundation

Josh Fox

Executive Director

Josh Fox is the Executive Director of The Brady Hunter Foundation (“BHF”), a nonprofit organization committed to championing the cause of animal welfare globally and making a positive impact in the lives of children. Through BHF, Josh envisions driving meaningful change and creating a brighter future for animals and children around the world. With a deep-rooted desire to give back to society, Josh has dedicated himself to philanthropic endeavors that align with his core values. As the Founder and CEO of Bottom Line Concepts (BLC), a performance-based cost recovery consulting firm, he has established a solid foundation for his nonprofit work. BLC operates with a clear purpose: “To empower American businesses to reinvest in themselves and their communities.” Josh firmly believes that small businesses are the backbone of America, and their prosperity leads to a thriving nation. As a compassionate leader with over 20 years of experience, Josh’s passion for philanthropy permeates his work and inspires those around him.

He possesses a remarkable ability to assemble diverse teams with unique backgrounds, fostering an inclusive environment that encourages dialogue, thought leadership, and the acceleration of positive outcomes. Josh’s dedication to making a difference extends far beyond his professional endeavors. He is an unwavering advocate for purpose-driven philanthropy and an ardent supporter of animal rights. Through his determined efforts, he tirelessly fights for the freedom and rights of animals worldwide. Josh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Michigan, where his academic background laid the foundation for his successful career. Combining his academic knowledge with his unwavering commitment to philanthropy, he has become a driving force behind the establishment and growth of the Brady Hunter Foundation. With Josh’s leadership and vision, the foundation aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of animals and children, creating a more compassionate and inclusive world for all.

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