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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a selection of answers to the questions we are asked the most. Read along to get answers to 
questions you may have for us.

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The Brady Hunter Foundation currently supports 40 individual organizations and charities dedicated to bettering the world.

Yes, you are welcome to submit a request. A representative will be in
touch with you should we feel our mutual goals and visions are aligned.

No. The Brady Hunter Foundation is an equal opportunity advocacy group, and we will gladly work with organizations and volunteers on a local and state level, as well as outside the country.

We are not a news or reporting outlet, but you are free to share a
story that you think might be of interest to us. We will evaluate your
submission to determine if we can offer our advocacy services.
While The Brady Hunter Foundation is headquartered in South
Florida, we are thrilled to work with organizations all over the country,
as well as throughout the world.
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We invite you to check out and subscribe to our calendar with upcoming volunteer opportunities. Please note; not all events are open to the public and are reserved for immediate staff only. You can join our volunteer database by clicking here.

The choice is entirely yours. You are welcome to sign-up for as many or as little volunteer events that you like. The nature of our events include beach clean-ups, food distributions, and animal related activities, to name a few. Please remember to consider your location and the scheduling when signing up, as we offer opportunities everywhere and on weekdays and weekends. All volunteers will be provided a BHF t-shirt upon arrival to your first event.

On average, the typical event ranges from approximately 2-4 hours, depending on the size, scope and theme (attendance is not required for the entirety of the event).

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We ask that prospective partners fill out their information thoroughly on our contact form, so that we can properly process and determine your eligibility.

No. The Brady Hunter Foundation has worked with and supported local initiatives in other states like New York, and countries such as Nassau Bahamas, Tanzania and Columbia.

It’s very easy to apply to become a partner! Simply submit your information, and our team will schedule a discovery call if our goals align.

Have any additional questions?

Please contact us directly, and we’ll be glad to help.


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