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Initiative to replace horse-drawn carriages with electric ones.

One of the Foundation’s core initiatives is to replacehorse-drawn carriages with electric carriages in American cities.

Horse-drawn carriages are a cruel and outdated form of transportation. Horses are forced to work long hours in hot and cold weather, and they are often abused and neglected. Electric carriages, on the other hand, are a clean, safe, and humane alternative. They are also more efficient, which means that they can create new jobs and boost the economy.


Here are some of the benefits of replacing horse-drawn carriages with electric carriages:
  • Electric carriages are more humane. Horses are not forced to work long hours in hot and cold weather, and they are not abused or neglected.
  • Electric carriages are safer. Horses are unpredictable animals, and they can be dangerous to passengers and drivers. Electric carriages are much safer.
  • Electric carriages are more efficient. They use less energy than horse-drawn carriages, which means that they are better for the environment.
  • Electric carriages create new jobs. The transition to electric carriages will create new jobs in the manufacturing, installation, and operation of electric carriages.
  • Electric carriages boost the economy. The transition to electric carriages will boost the economy by creating new jobs and stimulating demand for electric carriages.
The Brady Hunter Foundation is committed to creating a more compassionate world for animals and people. The Foundation believes that the transitionto electric carriages is a step in the right direction. The Foundation is working to make this vision a reality.

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