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The Brady Hunter Foundation is proud to partner with Muttville, the nation’s trailblazing cage-free rescue and dedicated senior dog sanctuary. This collaboration marks a significant step in our commitment to animal welfare and underscores our dedication to the well-being of senior dogs.


Muttville, renowned as the country’s first cage-free rescue, specializes in providing a nurturing environment for senior dogs, ensuring they receive top-notch care, treatment, and a loving home. Through this strategic alliance, we aim to contribute to Muttville’s mission of facilitating the eventual adoption of these senior dogs into loving forever homes.


Our joint efforts shine a spotlight on the heartwarming journey these dogs embark on as they transition towards their well-deserved forever homes. This partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of animals.


Recent Causes

Saving Sage Rescue

The Brady Hunter Foundation is thrilled to partner with Saving Sage Rescue, an organization dedicated to rescuing and caring for animals in South Florida.

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