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The Brady Hunter Foundation, in collaboration with I Heart Animal Rescue, has made a significant impact on the lives of animals in need. Our dedication to sponsoring the care and rehabilitation of neglected animals has resulted in heartwarming success stories.


In some cases, animals born into families without the means or plans for their care faced dire circumstances. Surrendered to I Heart Animal Rescue due to illness and, in some cases, Parvo, these animals needed extensive medical attention and incurred substantial expenses. The Brady Hunter Foundation stepped in to cover these bills, ensuring “The Parvo Pups” received the necessary care to recover.


Our enduring partnership with I Heart Animal Rescue extends to cases like Justice, a dog brutally stabbed multiple times in Pompano Beach. We provided the funding needed for Justice’s medical care, boarding, and recovery, ultimately finding him a loving home.


We also helped Sweet Ellie Belly, a baiting victim found wandering the streets. With medical care and love, Ellie made a remarkable recovery.


These stories showcase our commitment to animal welfare and the positive outcomes that can be achieved through our partnership with I Heart Animal Rescue.



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Miami Rescue Mission

Фонд Брэди Хантера с гордостью спонсировал мероприятие The Caring Place «Благодарность в Страстную пятницу».

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