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The Caring Place

The Brady Hunter Foundation is proud to announce its partnership with The Caring Place for two extraordinary events that aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.


Event 1: Holiday Care Drive


On November 18th, the Brady Hunter Foundation is teaming up with The Caring Place to host a Holiday Care Drive. The event that will serve 500-600 families features multiple stations, offering essential food boxes, non-perishable items, holiday ham, and turkeys to ensure that every family can celebrate the upcoming holiday season with joy and dignity. The Brady Hunter Foundation tent will be providing produce and hygiene kits to families. Families will also have access to clothing assistance, helping them stay warm throughout the winter season.


Event 2: Thanksgiving Banquet


On Thanksgiving Day, The Brady Hunter Foundation, in collaboration with The Caring Place, will sponsor a Thanksgiving Banquet. This heartwarming event goes beyond the traditional celebration by extending a helping hand to the homeless population, food-insecure families, and individuals in need. Our volunteers will serve hot, nourishing meals and ensure everyone in the community has access to a traditional feast during this holiday season.


The partnership between the Brady Hunter Foundation and The Caring Place is a testament to their shared dedication to making the world a better place for all species to live.

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