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The Dian Fossey Fund

BHF has recently partnered with this organization that was started in 1967 by Dian Fossey, to ensure a future for gorillas, their habitat and the communities that surround them. With our donation, we will fund the “Gorilla Protection Team and Vehicle Purchase” (consisting of two patrol teams, supplies, equipment and food for staff for a year for 25 eco-guards and landowners who volunteer their time to search for and dismantle snares). It will also enable the purchase of a co-branded vehicle to support the logistics of having these teams in the field. that will aid in the daily protection of endangered gorillas.


*There are 200+ trackers in Rwanda and DR Congo in 2022 they removed 456 snares from volcanoes national park and 2500 snares from their community reserve. The local community has also been impacted- Last year, they even lost an infant to a snare too.



Recent Causes

Animal Survival International

BHF is proud to announce our partnership with Animal Survival International, where we have proudly invested in the purchase of 10 anti-poaching AI collars.

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